Degen Boyz

The Original Collection

Collection Info Mint Date - 17/06/2022 Mint Price - 0.169 SOL Supply - 3092 Buy Degen Boyz

What are Degen Boyz ?

Degen Boyz are the OG collection that originally started out with a 5555 supply but were burnt in batches of 3 or 5 to mint Radiated Boyz. Holders have access to our Dgenz Club and are also able to stake and earn $DGENZ. Holding 5+ Degen Boyz grants full access to the Dgenz Crypto Network where you can trade alongside a community of over 200k like-minded people.

What Utilities Do I Get for Holding Degen Boyz ?

  • Access to the Dgenz Art Network

  • Access to the Dgenz Crypto Network*

  • Staking for 1 $DGENZ per day

  • Host your own Raffles on Monet

  • Whitelist Giveaways

  • NFT Alpha Calls

  • Access to the Dgenz Club in our Discord which contains tools such as: - Ribbit News - Trending NFT News - Syndicate News - Daily NFT/Crypto News - Connect by Rethinkable - Find Jobs in Web3 - Subb3r - Whitelist Giveaways

*The Weekly Analysis channel is open to all holders while full access to the DCN requires you hold at least x5 Degen Boyz, x2 T1 Radiated Boyz, or x1 T2 Radiated Boyz.

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