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Dgenz Club is your one stop shop for everything you need when it comes to Web3. All of our holders get access to these channels regardless of which collection they own.

NFT Alpha Calls & Discussion Channel NFT alpha calls by skyeonsol, founder of CandleTech. Discuss upcoming mints with your fellow dgenz and share the alpha with the fam.

riBBit News riBBit is a web-based news platform that reports unbiased, trusted, and reliable sources of information on what’s happening in the crypto and NFT space. riBBit acts as an extra voice for a typical creator/builder, empowering their NFT journey and helping others reach a wider audience.

Syndicate News Syndicate is a Web3 news media company that provides daily news and insights on stocks, crypto, and NFTs to their network of Discord communities. They're focused on providing clear, concise, and accessible information about the rapidly evolving world of Web3.

NFT X Feed Enjoy a curated feed of posts from everyone's favourite NFT projects.

Whitelists from Subb3r Join giveaways for exclusive whitelists to the hottest up and coming NFT collections.

Connect by Rethinkable Looking to find work in Web3? Apply for jobs directly from our Discord server in just about any area

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