Dgenz Crypto Network

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Dgenz Crypto Network (DCN) aims to be a hub for all crypto enthusiasts whether you are a veteran trader or just starting out and need some guidance. The DCN provides you with a weekly market analysis, general trading education, a global chatroom linked to all of our servers in the network so you can chat with one of the largest trading communities available and not to mention some of the best crypto analysis you can find. Dgenz Crypto Network only employs the best technical and fundamental analysists so we can provide you with the knowledge to succeed in any market.

Weekly Analysis Your weekly outlook on the current market sentiment. We cover everything from Bonds, Oil, DXY, DJI, BTC, SOL & ETH. This channel is open to all of our Dgenz NFT holders. Crypto Discussion A global chatroom of over 222k members where all servers in our network can come to chat with other traders, share their thoughts on the market or ask our chart masters for some guidance. Charts by Chart Crypto calls and analysis from one of our very own Dgenz founders, Chart Davidson. With over 10 years of experience investing in crypto you can expect Chart to provide you with conservative short term plays as well as those long term plays for those looking to make big gains. Charts by Trap Crypto calls by Jay2theTee or better known as Trap. Traps calls are catered to those who prefer to go short or go long. Charts by Yeke Crypto calls from the one and only Yeketehrooon. Yeke covers both futures and spot trading and has one hell of a track record. Charts by Terry Crypto analysis by TerryLee. Terry always provides great insights into everyone's favourites like Solana & Bitcoin. Profit Proof A place to flex all those wins you made from calls made in the DCN. Paper Trading Accounts are funded with $10k USD so you can practice trading and perfect your skills with no risk. Money Matterz Curated X feed to keep up with all the latest finance news relating to crypto & web3. Trading Education Start with general trading tips and techniques as you learn to master different tools and indicators. Crypto Threads Community curated feed of helpful threads relating to different cryptocurrencies. Airdrop Farming Step-by-step guides for you to follow so you never miss out on an airdrop again. *The Weekly Analysis channel is open to all holders while full access to the DCN requires you hold at least x5 Degen Boyz, x2 T1 Radiated Boyz, or x1 T2 Radiated Boyz.

Are you interested in having your community join the Dgenz Crypto Network?

We currently offer both a free and premium solution for those who want to provide their community with the best market analysis on offer. Our DCN bot mirrors what's posted in our server directly to yours saving you the hassle and ongoing costs of hiring your own team of callers and analysts. Our free service only includes the Weekly Analysis channel so you can have a lil try before you buy. Our premium service comes with the first 8 channels listed above for a one time fee of 10 $SOL. Open a ticket on our Discord to get setup today! https://discord.gg/dgenznft

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