Dgenz Art Network

A place to get your creative juices flowing

The Dgenz Art Network aims to be an artistic hub where everyone can come to find inspiration, seek knowledge, discover new artists and share their artwork with a like minded community.

Studio Instylus is brought to you by one of our very own Dgenz Team members, Instylus. As an artist and collector, she has developed a deep appreciation for the diverse range of creators, techniques, and styles that exist in the contemporary art scene. Through her reviews and insights, she aims to shed light on why certain artists are so highly valued, what makes their works unique, and how they approached their career. By examining the broader art market she hopes to provide you with a greater understanding of the trends and forces that shape the value of art today. Studio Vinlaa is hosted by one of our long term holders Vinlaa. Vinlaa is an optometrist by day and photographer by night. As a photographer Vinlaa says he is very much on a journey and hopes to always be. He fell into film photography by accident about 5 years ago and hasn't looked back since. "There’s really something special about analogue that I can only explain by showing you my methods, my photos and artists that inspire me." Studio ManiLi is provided to you by one of our very talented holders ManiLi. A 38-year-old Greek-Swedish hybrid who swapped in his suit and tie for a gas mask and spray can. After 5 years of mastering the dance with aerosols you can expect to see some crazy pop art here. Studio Kuya is home to Kuyadoughk, the artist behind both our Radiated Boyz & Degen Pharaohz. Hailing from the land of 7,000 islands, Kuya kickstarted his web3 art career by combining 2 of his favourite collections, Degen Boyz and Alpha Pharaohs. Little did he know the founders of both projects were already in talks of a potential collab and thus the Degen Pharaohz were born.

Art Discussion is a place for everyone to share their opinion on artpieces they've come across and what it means to them, engage fellow artists and network with the larger artistic community. Art Weekly acts as a news feed where you can find exclusive stories from within the art scene. Artist Gallery is our very own museum where you can display your own artwork, show off your collection of art or even just share some of the cool NFT art you've collected along the way. This is just the beginning of the Dgenz Art Network, we have some crazy ideas still to introduce!

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