Stake Your Dgenz NFT Collections to Earn Rewards

What can I stake to earn $DGENZ ?

All four of the Dgenz NFT collections can be subscribed to earn $DGENZ Degen Girlz earn 0.5 per day Degen Boyz earn 1 per day T1 Radiated Boyz earn 3 per day T2 Radiated Boyz earn 5 per day Degen Pharaohz however can only be subscribed as boosters for your Degen Boyz. Degen Boyz will earn double their daily rewards when boosted by a Degen Pharaoh. 1 Degen Pharaoh can only boost 1 Degen Boy at a time.

What do the levels mean?

There are 4 levels of maturity staking available to holders Level 1 - Staked for less than 60 days NFTs earn at the rates shown above. Level 2 -Staked for 61 - 180 days NFTs earn +1 $DGENZ per day Level 3 - Staked for 181 - 300 days NFTs earn +2 $DGENZ per day Level 4 - Staked for 301+ days NFTs earn +3 $DGENZ per day

What are the staking fees?

  • 0.008 $SOL per NFT you stake

  • 0.01 $SOL to unstake all NFTs

  • 0.01 $SOL to withdraw $DGENZ

Staking Events

Not only can you earn $DGENZ from staking your NFTs but you will also be able to earn just about any crypto token you can think of! We will be hosting random staking events where instead of earning $DGENZ for staking your NFTs you could be earning $BONK, $KING, $GUAC, $SOL, etc. These staking events could only apply to 1 collection at a time so if you don't hold at least 1 of each collection you may risk missing out on certain rounds of staking events.

To further increase buying pressure and reward our holders, 50% of royalties from ALL collections will be used to fund these staking events! This means the more royalties we generate from secondary sales, the more rewards we can give back to our holders through staking events. Don't forget that if you decide to stake your NFT on another contract it will lose it's current level.

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