Degen Girlz

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Collection Info Mint Date - 01/12/2023 Mint Price - 3.5 SOL Supply - 594 NFTs

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What are Degen Girlz ?

Degen Girlz are a one of a kind investment opportunity where 80% of funds raised were used to invest in a DAO operated crypto portfolio. Degen Girlz act as your ticket into the DAO and grant you voting power in all investment proposals put forward by the team. Degen Girlz holders are able to track the portfolios growth and investments at all times thanks to our custom built Discord bots. Not only do we invest your money for you, saving you all the headaches and stress, but we also show you the technical analysis behind the decisions we make so you can learn to trade like a pro. Once all of our investments have reached their maturity we will begin to buy back your Degen Girlz NFT for whatever the DAO's portfolio value is divided by 594 NFTS e.g. let's say at maturity the DAO's portfolio is now worth $750k, this would mean each NFT you hold would be worth $1,262.

Mint Funds Distribution

50% of mint funds were allocated towards the investment portfolio 30% of mint funds were used by the team to buy Degen Girlz NFTs 20% of mint funds were sent to the treasury to help build out the future for Dgenz

What Utilities Do I Get for Holding Degen Girlz?

  • Conservatively estimated 375% ROI

  • Access to the Dgenz Investment DAO

  • Staking for 0.5 $DGENZ per day

  • Access to the Dgenz Club in our Discord which contains tools such as: - Ribbit News - Trending NFT News - Syndicate News - Daily NFT/Crypto News - Connect by Rethinkable - Find Jobs in Web3 - Subb3r - Whitelist Giveaways

  • Access to the Dgenz Crypto Network*

*The Weekly Analysis channel is open to all holders while full access to the DCN requires you hold at least x5 Degen Boyz, x2 T1 Radiated Boyz, or x1 T2 Radiated Boyz.

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